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I specialize in WordPress development, UI/UX design, and SEO, dedicated to bringing your dream websites and products to life.

The Techie Nerd

Concept, Design, and Development


The Techie Nerd


2024 - Present


Website Development & SEO

Three months ago, The Techie Nerd approached me to develop their affiliate blog from scratch and enhance its online visibility through organic SEO strategies. Their goal was to increase website traffic and attract more visitors to their affiliate links.
I began by meticulously developing the affiliate blog using Astra and Elementor, ensuring it was optimized for both user experience and search engine performance. With a keen focus on SEO, I conducted thorough keyword research, identifying low to moderate competition keywords with high search volume relevant to The Techie Nerd’s niche.
Implementing a content strategy centered around high-quality articles targeting the identified keywords, I created compelling and informative posts that resonated with the target audience. Each piece of content was meticulously optimized for search engines, incorporating on-page SEO elements and strategic keyword placement.
Within just three months of launching the blog and implementing the SEO strategy, The Techie Nerd witnessed remarkable growth in website traffic. Through organic search alone, the blog attracted up to 200 clicks/seven days, a testament to the effectiveness of the SEO efforts. Notably, these results were achieved without resorting to paid advertising, showcasing the power of organic SEO when executed with precision.
Continuing to work closely with The Techie Nerd, I am dedicated to further optimizing the blog’s SEO performance and driving sustained growth in organic traffic.


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